Rome Is to Be Enjoyed – 2 Sites That I Did

Rome has an endless amount of sights to see, places to visit, and walks to take – it is near impossible, lest you are a travel guide company, to document all that there is to see and almost just as impossible to cover all the ground.  At least not when part of your goals for the trip are to chill some as well.  That was me. Here are two places I enjoyed in Rome:  a mix of must-sees and places where I just sat and relaxed.  Hopefully, this will give you ideas or validate what you have read in the travel guide!

Do you have places in Rome that you like to and relax in?  Please share!

Campo de Fiore

I had not seen the Campo de Fiore (field of flowers) before.  It was not as great a piazza as I expected but it certainly allowed for two of my favorite things when I am in Europe:  sitting in an outdoor café sipping my favorite beverage (house red wine in this case) and watching life go by (read:  people watching).  The flower and other stands were mostly still there though they began coming down as we were there.  The buildings in the piazza and the surrounding streets definitely had character and a walkabout the area is well worth it.

Campo de Fiore, Rome, Italy

The crowds taking in the sun & sights

Campo de Fiore, Rome, Italy - a lonely flower

A table waiting for users and a rose waiting for admirers…

A basket of bread in a café at the Campo de Fiore in Rome, Italy

Bread waiting for its consumers…

Kiosk in the market at Campo de Fiore in Rome, Italy (Field of Flowers)

Some of the goods in the stands

It was at Campo de Fiore where I met the golden beer who told its story

The Trastevere Area

This part of town, across the Tiber from old Rome, as the name suggests, is trendy, charming, and chock-full of places to eat, drink, and walk around.  The southern part of it has some really neat alleys and buildings.  We ate at a place called Caccio e Pepe in a pedestrian part of the area (  We called ahead since there were 6 of us and our table was ready and waiting.  We enjoyed the food and the casual atmosphere of the Osteria.  The Trastevere also has a couple of churches worth visiting.

Crossing the Tiber on the Ponte Cestio in Rome, Italy

Crossing the Tiber on the Ponte Cestio

Doorway in the Trastevere in Rome, Italy

Doorway in the Trastevere

Typical alley in the Trastevere in Rome, Italy

Typical alley in the Trastevere

Santa Cecilia in the Trastevere in Rome, Italy

Santa Cecilia in the Trastevere, a very old church in Rome!

Of course, this walk around the Trastevere ended up in food… There is always good food in Rome to be found whether on your own or with a food tour!

(Picture taken with Canon EOS Rebel T1I)



  1. campo de fiore is one of my FAVORITES!! love the photos. 🙂

  2. Grazie! Wink!

  3. Awesome photos. I love Campo de Fiori, it is so quintessentially Rome.

  4. Trastevere is my VERY favorite part of Rome. I could go there and never leave.

    • So many places to choose for eating, so many alleys to walk, and enough places to sit, have a glass of vino and watch people!

  5. Raul – Rome has long been one of my favorite cities and you’re making me miss it again!! I’ve been there 3 times and feel like that’s not enough… I really like your pictures in this post, including the bread, aaahhh. And glad to know you enjoyed house wine – I have yet to find subpar house red in Italy. 🙂

  6. This is well timed, as going to Rome next month for a very quick stop! Will report back 🙂

  7. Great stuff…How I have not been to Rome yet is beyond me!

    • Saving the best for last, D.J., is not a bad thing. But I wouldn’t leave Rome for last: 3-time visitor here – and counting!

  8. Francesca says:

    *sigh* I left my heart in Rome last time I was there. I am in love with the city. This post makes me love it and miss it even more!

    • I actually like Rome more and more with every visit. Thanks for stopping by; hopefully my blog will have the same effect 🙂

  9. we only made it to trastevere at night, but it was definitely my favorite part of rome! xo the romantic

  10. Easily my favorite city! The trastevere has so much charm.. 🙂

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