2009 in “Review”

Well, 2009 is almost in the books and who would have told me at this same point in 2008 all that I would do in 2009!  On the less glamorous side, sinus surgery and losing my job.  Yep, I wouldn’t have imagined both.  But, on the more exciting side of things, I certainly had even less of an idea that I would get to see the land of John Paul II (Poland), the mythical (at least for those of us far from it) land down under (Australia), the majestic islands in the far south Pacific (New Zealand), the mountains and beauty of the granite state (New Hampshire), and 18 years later a country I loved when I lived there (Chile).  I also did get to visit more familiar places like Tampa, DC, Panama, NYC, and Denver but most of those were in my plans already.

So I sit here during Christmas Day wondering which places will I get to see in 2010 for the first time and what will I discover in more familiar places…   I can’t wait to find out!  Could it be the year I see the Holy Land?  Or check out Iceland?  Perhaps visit southern Chile and the lake district?  Or finishing off “Western” Europe by seeing Portugal and Ireland??  Or, why not, go to Australia again and explore other parts of the continent?  SO much to see, so little time and money!

Thanks 2009, and good riddance in a way.  2010, bring it on!

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