Boarding Pass Stories: Las Vegas

Welcome to a new feature for this travel blog  As I shared in an earlier post, my history of travels is well-documented not only here but in the multitude of boarding passes I accidentally started collecting over 20 years ago.  I think it is time those boarding passes stepped up to the plate and helped me tell the story of the trip, the place, and the airline…  These posts will give short glimpses into these topics and I hope you find them a unique way to share the experience!  And consider this your own boarding pass to share your own experiences – or dreams – about these places!

Without further ado, for this inaugural post, I have selected:    Las Vegas, baby!

Las Vegas Boarding Pass Delta travel flight fun nevada

The destination, the when(s), and the reason(s)

I had been to Las Vegas once before with two of my aunts and their families.  This time, 15 years later, I went for a friend’s wedding.  A REAL wedding not an escapist one!  Ceremony at the Wynn, reception at Maggiano’s.

The airline

Delta, of course!  Leaving from home (Atlanta), Delta made the most sense.  Note I was only a Silver Medallion in those days so no upgrade for ilivetotravel

What fascinated me about this experience

My first trip to Vegas was a short overnight stay over on our way to explore the Southwest.  On this trip, I got to live a little of the Vegas life.   No, the details are not being left out because of that cliché (what happens in Vegas, blah blah blah…).  Simply, we didn’t do anything crazy.  I did get to see why people enjoy Vegas so much on this trip.  Wedding events aside (at a Hofbrauhaus one night, at the Mandarin Oriental rooftop bar another, etc.), I enjoyed lounging by the pool of our hotel and I even got to see Cirque du Soleil‘s O at the Bellagio with my Godson.   What fascinated me about this experience was finally “getting” that Vegas is more than bachelor parties and casinos:  I am glad I went with an open mind and gave Las Vegas a second chance!

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