Boarding Pass Series – Denver, Colorado

boarding pass, Delta, Denver, travel, air, flightsI first went to Denver right after receiving my undergrad degree.  Actually, I went past Denver and took a right hand exit to the road to nearby Boulder, CO where I actually was going to hold a summer internship at research labs in town.  But I visited Denver over my two summers in Boulder at different times.  Denver did not quite match Boulder in many ways so I tended to stick to Boulder and when I left town on a weekend day, I would opt for the Rocky Mountain National Park.  In fact, even now, I am not sure I could give someone much in terms of tips about what to do in Denver proper.

Fast forward some years and dear friends move to Arvada, right outside of Denver.  That made me a sort of frequent flyer to Denver, in the post-Stapleton airport era (I only flew into/out of Stapleton once – it was an old airport!).  The “new” Denver airport is rather weird but it has grown on me.  What does make it a royal pain in the ass is how far it is to anywhere I want to go when I go out there.  Seriously?  You couldn’t have placed it even five miles closer to things??  Also, why does it always seem there are strong winds any time I land in that airport??

Regardless, I will continue going to Denver because of skiing and, more importantly, because of my friends!

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