Fried Chicken Worth the Pot-hole in Atlanta

I love finding new places to eat in my hometown, Atlanta, because I can be a creature of habit when it comes to restaurants.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  If you like it, why go elsewhere?  Well, because it is good to expand horizons and you never know what you will find!  So it was easy for me to accept a friend’s invite to try a new place in town:  Buttermilk Kitchen, up on Roswell Rd. but inside the Perimeter (as we call I-285 around here).

Atlanta, foodie, food, restaurant, Roswell Road, Buttermilk Kitchen

In an unassuming building (with a pothole right where I parked,…), the good news is all the assuming will be done on your plate!

arugula, salad, Atlanta, foodie, food, restaurant, Roswell Road, Buttermilk Kitchen

We went for their once-a-month dinner service (they are only open for breakfast and lunch otherwise; I am told I need to try their breakfast on a weekend day).  Their once-a-month dinner service is a fixed menu centered around fried chicken.

My friend is a regular so she knew to sit at the “bar” area (in quotes because they do not have a liquor license since not normally open for dinner; you CAN bring your own beverage of choice though!).  At the bar area, it was easier to interact with the staff and the owner.

The menu started with a fall salad based on arugula with farro, raisins, black rice, and butternut squash with a champagne vinaigrette.  They use produce from the area so the salad was fresh and the combination of flavors really nice.  It was a good way to start our dinner.  The salad actually went well with the Cabernet Sauvignon we were drinking from Conn Creek in Napa Valley.

arugula, salad, Atlanta, foodie, food, restaurant, farro, black rice, Buttermilk Kitchen

The next plate serve was the cheese plate:  herb-goat cheese spread on a homemade emmental cracker topped with a delicious onion jam.  I could have eaten a dozen of these, left to my devices but the main course was soon following AND I knew what dessert we were going to be served…Atlanta, foodie, food, restaurant, goat cheese, onion jam,Buttermilk Kitchen

Then the star of the night made its appearance:  the fried chicken!  A breast and wing battered and fried to perfection.  Moist, well-cooked – how do they do that??  I have never had a perfectly cooked piece of fried chicken like this.  It was paired with a sweet potato puree with quinoa crumbles and with braised mustard greens with apples.  The idea of pairing apple with the mustard greens was brilliant.  I never thought I’d say mustard greens could wow me but they sure did!

Atlanta, foodie, food, restaurant, fried chicken, mustard green, sweet potatoes, Buttermilk Kitchen

But the evening was not over.  Oh no, it was not.  We were about to be shown a masterpiece of pound cake-dom:  a caramel pound cake served next to vanilla gelato with pie crumb around and an apple chip topping it – oh, and those pomegranate seeds added a great mix to the flavor and texture combination.  I am glad they only serve one piece because I don’t care how full I was, I would have done a round two in heartbeat and pounds (sic) be damned!

Atlanta, foodie, food, restaurant, caramel pound cake, vanilla gelato,, Buttermilk Kitchen

Suffice it to say, between the food and great staff and chef, I am going back in November for dinner service -pothole or not-, wondering how Buttermilk Kitchen will top these dishes!!



  1. all looks delicious!

  2. Good to know. We make it down to Atlanta a bit, and our favorite thing to do is try all the great restaurants in town.
    Lance | Trips By Lance recently posted..Reflections of Fort Worth CultureMy Profile

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much you have decided to continue in the Buttermilk Kitchen once a once a month Fried Chicken Dinner with us groupies. Looking forward to having a great dinner tonight, their monthly fried chicken dinner night.

  4. I love trying set plates! When you don’t have to decide, everything turns out to be a surprise. And if you like food as much as me, it’s usually a really good surprise.
    Everything seemed to fancy, except for the fried chicken, really! I was a little surprised to see something that I usually consider fast food in amongst sweet potato puree and preceeded by a cheese plate! I think I need to try fried chicken at Buttermilk to truly appreciate it.
    Heather recently posted..The Best Livingstone Hostel: Jollyboys Backpackers vs Fawlty TowersMy Profile

  5. Will have to keep this place in mind next time I’m there. Never been! Delicious looking food.
    Aaron recently posted..Being a Foodie, Celebrity Cruise Style!My Profile

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