On the List for a Future Trip to Patagonia

Reminiscing about my trip to Patagonia and the southern tip of the Americas, I think about what I didn’t get to see…  Somehow, 7 months later, Patagonia’s grasp on my mind and my spirit is still very strong.  I don’t know if it is the remoteness, the “unspoiltness” (though there is tourism there), the closer-to-how-it-used-be, or just a magnificent nature landscape.  But Patagonia has got hold of me.  I long to return.  I’d thought I’d write down those things I would have liked to have time for in case I can go back again – then all I would have to do is look up this entry and, voilá, my travel plans are ready!  And perhaps help a fellow traveler or dream-of-traveler…

Towards the top of the list is that I never actually made it to Tierra del Fuego proper.  I thought I was going to TdF by going to Punta Arenas but it turns out TdF is the island across the Straits of Magellan from Punta Arenas and my itinerary had me going NORTH and SOUTH of Punta Arenas but not EAST…  Now, I am not sure what I would have seen there that would have been worth the trip but, definitely, I would have liked to explore it.  (The thought that I went SOUTH of Punta Arenas but didn’t make it to TdF is somehow mindboggling, n’est-ce pas?)

Oway, penguins, pingüinos, Chile, Patagonia, nature, beauty, Canon EOS Rebel

Penguins in Otway, on the way to Puerto Natales from Punta Arenas

In TdF, Ushuaia would have been the thing I wanted to see the most.  A few travelers told me that it was way more beautiful than Punta Arenas and I can imagine that it would be as Punta Arenas as a town was not necessarily scenic nor quaint for the most part.

While I got to navigate a fjord near Puerto Natales and saw plenty of lakes and a couple of glaciers, I would have liked to go further west and north of the area navigating fjords up the Chilean coast.  THAT would be a dream.  Going to TdF would be about checking it off.  Going to Ushuaia would be special.  But spending time up and down all those fjords… well, that would be like something.

Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile, fjords, lakes, mountains, nature, beauty, Canon EOS Rebel

View of the waterfront in Puerto Natales

And, while at it, a cruise through the southern/eastern side of the Straits of Magellan all the way down to Cabo de Hornos would have been a cool thing to do – but taking some dramamine along as I hear the waters can be quite choppy (and that may be soft-pedaling the water conditions from the stories other travelers told me…).  Lowest in my priorities for this return trip but worth noting.

Finally, I would go back to the nice hotel in between Puerto Natales and Cerro Castillo called Hotel Posada 3 Pasos (http://www.hotel3pasos.cl check it out but don’t DARE tell folks about it!!) and spend a few days in the quiet and the beauty that now I understand to be the essence of Patagonia.  This would be my TOP priority if I go back…

View from the grounds of Hotel 3 Pasos

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