“Moses Wuz Here” – Mt. Nebo, Jordan

Show me the way to the Promised Land, said Moses

Mt. Nebo is located on what seems to be an area north of the Dead Sea that sits high on a ridge and, according to the Bible, is the place where Moses was allowed to see the Promised Land he would never enter (after guiding his people out of Egypt for 40 years!).

Moses, Mt. Nebo, Jordan, tourism, photo, Canon EOS Rebel

Moses, I suppose

Mt. Nebo, Jordan, Moses, Promised Land, Holy Land, religion, archeology, history, sign, photo, Canon EOS Rebel

Today, without Moses around, this sign does the job of pointing to the Promised Land

Mt. Nebo overlooks the valley of the River Jordan and one can glimpse Jericho and Jerusalem to the west on a good day.  The site was visited by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI at some point giving the site an added level of credibility if you will, as a site of religious importance.

Moses, Mt. Nebo, Jordan, archeology, history, religion, photo, Canon EOS Rebel

Welcome to Mt. Nebo!

It is also claimed Moses is buried there but there is no conclusive evidence (as conclusive as one may expect a few thousand years later…).  Whether any of this interests you or not, the views of the valley below are certainly worth it.


Moses, Promised Land, Mt. Nebo, Jordan, tourism, travel, photo, Canon EOS Rebel, view, vista

Some of the view

The visit

There was a small temporary-looking exhibit at the site showing some of the beautiful mosaics of the remains of a church found in the first half of the 20th century on Mt. Nebo.  It really makes you ponder the history of the place and the area and all the events it has witnessed over time.

Mount Nebo, Jordan, mosaic, Moses, history, religion, archeology, photo, Canon EOS Rebel

Part of the mosaics

Mount Nebo, Jordan, mosaic, Moses, history, religion, archeology, photo, Canon EOS Rebel

Color manages to survive close to two millenia

Mount Nebo, Jordan, mosaic, Moses, history, religion, archeology, photo, Canon EOS Rebel

Up close and personal

The place is crowded with tourists of all ages and that takes away for sure from the importance of the place.  Perhaps some construction during the time of my visit contributed to the small chaos, though there were moments when I was glad there was chaos and a crowd…

Mt. Nebo, Jordan, tourism, photo, children, Canon EOS Rebel

Young Mt. Nebo visitors

Mt. Nebo, Jordan, tourism, photo, child, Canon EOS Rebel

Another schoolkid visiting the site

I was patient, though, and I was rewarded when the key spot where Moses stood cleared up for a good 5 minute and I was able to soak it all in better during that pause in the visitors.

Let ME show you the Promised Land

So, in case you have not been there, allow me show you the Promised Land!

Mount Nebo, Holy land, Promised Land, Jordan, Moses, photo, ilivetotravel, view, vista

“Over yonder!” says this modern-day Moses-wanna-be


During this trip, I was a guest of the Jordan Tourism Board.  That notwithstanding, the stories I share were my real experiences and nothing else.  As they always are!



  1. As usual these photos are just stunning! Love those little faces and the valley and mosaics are also beautiful. Thanks for showing me the promised land!
    Erin at The World Wanderer recently posted..Music Monday: Featherstone.My Profile

  2. Amazing photos of Jordan. I can see why it has become such a popular destination from Moses to Ilivetotravel.
    Traveling Ted recently posted..Isle Royale National Park: it’s alive, it’s aliveMy Profile

  3. Those kids were the best! They were so curious about us. Thanks for bringing back the great memories of Mt. Nebo. Loved sharing it with you.
    Leah recently posted..10 Things to Know before Visiting TexasMy Profile

    • Kids really help break down barriers and change images we may have of a place. I am glad we had this awesome experience together, Leah!

  4. such gorgeous photos, Raul!! makes me want to go.
    lola recently posted..One Day Stay: Prague, Czech RepublicMy Profile

  5. your coverage from this trip totally bumped jordan up on our list. great photos!
    the lazy travelers recently posted..style spotter: english puddlejumpingMy Profile

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