Photo of the Week – New for the Blog!

A new add-on to the blog… I have so many pictures from the places I have been to… since pictures sometimes say more than 1,000 words (or “1K” words to be more modern…), I’d thought I’d share them.  No use just having them on my laptop!  Though I will not be able to post the next couple of weeks (I may post a second one this week to make up for it), no sense waiting to kick it off!

This is from a trip in 1998 when we took a felucca down the Nile for a 24-hr voyage.  We slept on the felucca, outdoors (a first for me).  It was cold in the evening and we had blankets that probably dated to the 1950s when they were last washed.  But they were heavenly given how cold it was…  Waking up to this in such a unique place in the world was a great experience and one of my best memories.

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