Photo of the Week – Never Forget the Twin Towers

Many, many years ago, I went to New York City as an 18 year old and my eyes could not believe that city. I had seen Miami, Tampa, San Juan, Panama City (Panama), Washington D.C., and Atlanta at that point in my life. The Big Apple wowed me.

I recall seeing the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center up close. I remember standing right outside by one of the corners of one of them and looking up.  Unbelievable.  Sadly, we did not go up to the top that day and I missed that chance.

Today, I want to remember the many innocents who died that day in these towers and elsewhere.  We will never forget…

New York City, Twin Towers, Big Apple, World Trade Center, 9/11, nine eleven, sky, skyscraper, tragedy, sadness

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