Photo of the Week – Busch Memorial Stadium

A long time ago, I did two round-trip drives from Atlanta, GA to Boulder, CO as I spent two summers in Boulder for a college internship.  The very first time I drove to Boulder, accompanied by my college roommate, I was thrilled to see the St. Louis Gateway Arch for the first time and heeding that semi-eternal call “Go west, young man!

We were thrilled to be able to make it to the Arch while it was still open.  And we were rewarded with great dusk-time views.  My favorite was this shot of Busch Memorial Stadium which served the St. Louis Cardinals from 1966 to 2005.  I hate it when cities spend millions/billions held hostage by professional sports when that money would be better used to educate children, take care of the old, and -heck, why not- fix potholes.  Seems to me if cities stood together, the pro sports leagues could be pushed back on and we could all end up with better cities instead of stuffing the wallets of hooligans.  But I suppose that is a post for a different kind of blog.  For now, I just wanted to share this great image this young man took back in the day with a film camera as he went out west…

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Got lucky there was a baseball game going on!



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