Photos of the Week – Action in Munich’s Airport

In my recent trip from Rome to Dubrovnik, I had to connect through the excellent Munich airport.  I had chosen a 3+ hr layover so I wouldn’t be worried about a tight connection.  It was the right airport choice for a 3 hr layover!

Munich, as other airports in Europe, has a lot more going on than the average U.S. airport.  Munich is one of the airports in Europe with the best setup for connecting through it.  They say you can easily make very short connections.  Though coming from Italy and going to Croatia, I had to go through immigration which had a line so I am not sure I would risk a 45 min. connection!

Soon after arriving I spotted a massage place offering from manicures to full-body massages.  I decided I would take a back and neck massage for 30 mins to help me relax from an early start to my day (woke up around 530 AM!) and also since I was still sick with a cold.  I figured anything that helped my body was a good thing – and it was.

After the massage, I sat down for lunch at a place offering typical German fare.  I enjoyed wursts, sauerkraut, a pretzel with mustard, and, of course, a beer!  Mmm!



Then, with still some time to kill, and with no real sense of purpose, I snapped a few odd shots with my mobile phone camera (which I admit is not the best).  But I sort of like the shots as they do give a sense of the airport movement or activity .  Looking at these, I wish I HAD taken them with the real camera!  I love the reflections on the shiny floor!


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