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We all find travel inspiration from different places.  It could be TV shows (Rick Steves, Samantha Brown, Anthony Bourdain, etc.), Eyewitness, Lonely Planet or other travel guides, friends, or our favorite blogs and websites.

Those are all great sources but some call to each one of us more than others,  some grab our imagination more intensely than others. For me, some of those sources are books other than the standard travel guides, usually books that talk about a journey, an experience.  I’d thought I’d share over time books that have inspired me in one way or another to travel and explore.  So, for the inaugural travel-inspiring read, I present:

“The Alluring Target – In Search of the Secrets of Central Asia”

(Kenneth Wimmel)

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This book, which I read in early 1999, made me hunger not only to see Central Asia but to have been one of the early companions of the early explorers the book presents (one of which is supposed to be the inspiration for Indiana Jones).  This books tells the stories of these early travelers, way before TripAdvisor, electronic boarding passes, and, heck, even BEFORE flying.   I wonder if I would have had it in me to do what these men and women did back then!

While it is a book about these explorers, it does present Central Asia in a different way than a travel book may.  It helped me learn more about the importance of the region which, at the time these explorers went, must have seen an even bigger mystery than it is today.  For helping me imagine travel to those parts so long ago, Mr. Wimmel, I thank you!

Whether here or in future post, please share with us what has inspired YOU to travel!


  1. Awesome idea, great to hear of great books that inspire travel. Although I read often, I find pictures from blogs and movies tend to inspire me the most. Although many blogs inspire, I will say nothing like the movie In Bruges has ever got me to visit a place so quickly.
    Karl recently posted..Ferry in Gulf of Finland – Pic of the WeekMy Profile

    • Yes, books, blogs and movies are effective to trigger the travel bug. But I get more immersed in a book since it is longer. I need to read more!

  2. I love how you can get so immersed in a book, more so than a blog or a magazine article. Although I like to read about places I haven’t been, it’s also fun to read about places I have been and see what different kids of experiences other people have there!
    Heather recently posted..Zambia Loves to Shake Shake the Budget BoozeMy Profile

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