Where Have I Been? My Countries Visited Map

So here is my countries-visited map as of today…  Filling out a part of the map seems a possible criteria to determine my next set of destinations.  Well, I would not pick probably based on that but it sure is tempting!

For example, Ireland and Portugal would close up a good part of Europe.  Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica would close up Central America – and so close to home!  South America looks more daunting with the 3 “Guianas/Guyanas” and Venezuela being part of what is left…  Africa, well filling out a part of the map quickly would not be possible.  But the map shows that perhaps I need to put some red in western Africa…  I also see a big pocket in southern Asia where I need to paint red…

I seem to have been hitting the Balkan area in the last 2 years by serendipity really:  a wedding in Bulgaria, a wedding party in Greece, hopping from Italy to nearby Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro, and -soon- a hike in Romania for an orphanage.  I think God wants me to cover the Balkans so I may add Serbia or Moldova when I head to Romania!  (I realize I am stretching the definition of the Balkan peninsula!)

In the end, it will boil down to when I can travel, the local season (for example, Greenland in January would not be my choice), cost, possibility of traveling with someone, etc.  I love the uncertainty because all options are open!

As of May 2012 :  (added Caribbean islands and Balkan countries)

As of June 2011 :

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