Coke Museum Is It!

Coke, or Coca-Cola, is the world’s most recognizable brand and most international product (except Cuba and North Korea…).  There is hardly a product – or an experience with a product – that is as universal as Coke.  In all my travels, it has always been there – even if with some taste variations.

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The World of Coca-Cola – or Coke’s museum

The Coca-Cola Company is headquartered in Atlanta where this very popular beverage was invented back in the late 1880s.  It was a time when pharmacists would make stuff that was supposed to be good for your health and you walked in to get your fix of good health.  Fast forward about 125 years and this massive enterprise is run from a campus right across from Georgia Tech, a stone’s throw away from downtown Atlanta where it has always been based.

Coke fans can get their fill of their favorite soft drink by visiting the famous World of Coca-Cola right by Centennial Olympic Park in downtown, the museum that houses many pieces of memorabilia – as well as the secret formula itself.  This is the third installment of such a museum – a fact most people do not realize.  Most people know that there was a museum in Underground Atlanta that pre-dates the current one but that was NOT the first Coke museum!  The first one actually resided in the company’s main tower on North Avenue.  It was intended mainly for company folks but if a visitor arrived asking to see it, they were let in.  I was one such person back in the late 1980s!

Well, today I went to the latest installment of the Coke museum so that makes me – in all likelihood – one of the few people who were not employees of Coke in the 1980s who has been to the THREE Coke museums! (let me rest while I bask in self-glory)

World of Coca-Cola, museum, Atlanta, downtown, downtown Atlanta, Coke museum, travel, soft drink, heritage

The Coke Museum is right at the footsteps of downtown Atlanta and next to the awesome Georgia Aquarium


The museum puts on display a wide range of items from its history from serving trays to glasses to TV ads to vending machines to art work.  It is an incredible collection sometimes interrupted by the theme of the secret formula they have embedded in this third installment of the museum (and some new characters to appeal to the children).

Coca-Cola, Coke, museum, World of Coca-Cola, heritage, history, soft drink, vending machine, vintage, Canon EOS Rebel, Atlanta

I remember this vending machine! OK, a similar one

Coca-Cola, Coke, museum, vending machine, vintage, history, Canon EOS Rebel, Atlanta

Very old Coke machine – I DON’T remember this one!

Coca-Cola, Coke, museum, vending machine, vintage, history, Canon EOS Rebel, Atlanta

Old Coke cans

Coca-Cola, Coke, museum, Olympic torches, vintage, history, Canon EOS Rebel, Atlanta, Atlanta Olympics

A small collection of Olympics torches (Atlanta’s on the left)

Norman Rockwell, Coca-Cola, Coke, World of Coke, museum, Atlanta, Santa, Canon EOS Rebel

A Norman Rockwell painting that Coke commissioned


But the museum offers more than memories, it actually offers experiences…

Coca-Cola, Coke, World of Coca-Cola, museum, polar bear, Atlanta, photo, Canon EOS Rebel

Like posing with a polar bear…

3-D glasses, movie, Coca-Cola, open happiness, museum

3-D glasses for the motion-filled movie

But one of the funnest parts of the whole museum is tasting all the kinds of products the company makes around the world!  (“Veteran’s” tip:  make sure you try the Italy product and watch people try t!)

Coca-Cola, Coke, tasting room, museum, history, Canon EOS Rebel, Atlanta, downtown Atlanta

Entering tasting room!

Coca-Cola, Coke, museum, history, Canon EOS Rebel, Atlanta, downtown Atlanta, tasting room

And the masses taste!

Coca-Cola, Coke, museum, history, Canon EOS Rebel, Atlanta, downtown Atlanta, tasting room

Press away!

Coca-Cola, Coke, museum, history, Canon EOS Rebel, Atlanta, downtown Atlanta, tasting room

Tasters at work in the tasting room

Coca-Cola, Coke, World of Coke, museum, freestyle fountain machine, Canon EOS Rebel, photo, soft drink, museum, Atlanta

The Freestyle fountain machine is lots of fun!

The secret formula

The museum builds up a little the secret formula; the vault is a great idea!  It will walk you through Coke history AND show you where the famously secret formula is stored.

Coca-Cola, Coke, museum, secret formula, vault, Canon EOS Rebel, Atlanta,

But the key item to the secret of Coke, according to one of the videos, is really us, the consumers.  In this case, me…

Coca-Cola, museum, Coke, World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, downtown, Canon EOS Rebel, image, photo

ilivetotravel is Coca-Cola-ized

The World of Coca-Cola is well worth a visit.  See it with the eyes of a fan.  And then see it through the eyes of a marketer.  Brilliant under both lenses.




  1. I loved the museum… don’t forget the aquarium next door.

  2. I have been several times and enjoyed every single time. However, don’t recall the outside looking that way… is it in a new location? Planning to go again…hopefully soon.

  3. Remember not feeling good after I was there last haha. Lot’s of tasting! It’s really cool to see the history of the iconic brand. Love the downtown skyline backdrop when outside of.
    Aaron recently posted..#ElCafeDe2013 Coffee tip of the week: Have another! And another?My Profile

  4. Such Americana- love the pics, great Post Raul
    Karl recently posted..Using your phone for maps offlineMy Profile

  5. I visited the World of Coca Cola when I went to Atlanta and LOVED it! I think I spent a good 4h there and part of that trying all the strange cococtions from around the world!
    @mrsoaroundworld recently posted..My hOtel: Rancho Valencia in San Diego, California @ranchovalencia @relaischateauxMy Profile

  6. Such a great nod to an important piece of Americana… When I go to ATL, I’ll definitely check it out! Looks like tons of fun.
    Pola (@jettingaround) recently posted..Interview with singer/songwriter/traveler Mike MentzMy Profile

  7. This looks really cool, especially the tasting room. 😉
    Erin at The World Wanderer recently posted..Thai Green Curry.My Profile

  8. love the vintage fountain soda machines! would love to try the tasting room with all the products from around the world…
    the lazy travelers recently spotter: english puddlejumpingMy Profile

    • @Lazy, @Erin: the tasting room is a MADHOUSE if there are a lot of kids around but really interesting and a great feature of the Museum for sure!

  9. i used to love Coke soooo much and then i stopped drinking it. i would definitely be interested in trying some of the products from around the world.
    lola recently posted..Staying Laid-back Chic at Bahia Hotel, Cabo San Lucas, MexicoMy Profile

  10. Coke is it! It’s the best brand and they also do lots of good around the world.

  11. That is cool that they have experiences like tasting products as well as just memorabilia. Most museums are not as interactive. I did not even know Coke was located in Atlanta. Shows how rusty I am on my corporate history.
    Traveling Ted recently posted..Hiking the Panorama Nature Trail in the Guyana RupuniniMy Profile

  12. I love this museum! I went there in the 90s and absolutely loved combing through all the history. It’s a definite must-do when in Atlanta. I need to go back.
    Leah recently posted..10 Things to Know before Visiting TexasMy Profile

    • Leah, it is a great museum. The museum now is a totally different one from the one around in the 90s (different location too) so do put it on the list for next time you come!

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