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St. Paul Outside the Walls: One of Rome’s Less Seen Basilicas

As one may expect, Rome does not lack in the church category.  All types and sizes up to the best know, St. Peter’s Basilica in The Vatican.  However, there are three other major basilicas in Rome:  St. John Lateran (first among the four for being the oldest), Saint Mary Major (Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore), […]

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Scenes of Easter Mass at St. Peter’s Square

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Holy Week in Malta: A Wonderful Experience

On this Good Friday, I recall a unique and quite accidental experience during Holy Week 2006.  We had traveled to Italy and were planning to experience Easter Mass at The Vatican.  Because of my friends had a colleague from the U.S. who was traveling back to his home country of Malta for Easter, we asked […]

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Monticchiello: Charm in the Middle of Tuscany

A few years ago, in one of my trips to Italy, we spent a few days in Tuscany.   We opted to rent apartments in a small mountaintop town called Monticchiello, a charming place, sandwiched between Pienza and Montepulciano (lucky folks!!!).  We truly lucked out:  the town was quaint, quite small, and its location was central […]

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Chattahoochee River Hikes: Island Ford

Atlanta is well known for traffic, a massive airport, CNN, Coca-Cola, conventions, and Gone with the Wind.  It seems almost cliche-ish when defined in these terms and I can certainly understand that these form or inform people’s image of the South’s “Gate City,” as it was known in the mid 19th century.  What local residents […]

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Photos of the Week: Ships Awaiting Canal Crossing – from the Air

The Panama Canal, of which I have written about before, is a marvel of engineering.  Not only the lock system but also the massive works required to create the channel and the man-made lake that serves as the holding pond for the ships in the middle of their passage.  Ships await passage in either side […]

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The “First Cousins” Capitals: Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm

It has been an interesting exercise to try to think of the Scandinavian countries and come up with a good and succinct outline of what makes them different from each other without requiring a degree in history, architecture, and other similar fields. So I decided to not be that ambitious and limit this to taking a look at the Scandinavian “first cousins” capitals – Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen – and see what I came up with…

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Petra, Jordan: History on the Rocks

I first went to Petra, Jordan back in 1998 on a day trip from Sharm-el-Sheikh at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.  If you know the lay of the land, that may sound impossible.  Well, not if you take a flight from Sharm-el-Sheikh to Aqaba, Jordan and then hop on a bus.  […]

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Travel Inspiring Reads – In the Empire of Genghis Khan

Stanley Stewart shares with us in his book about his travel through the lands of Genghis Khan.  Even before he gets to Mongolia, you get to enjoy his anecdotes from traversing what is to me an obscure corner of our planet:  Central Asia.  And, I may add, a part of the world I am dying […]

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Photo of the Week: Bats on a Wall in Louisville

A few years back, I went to watch a friend do his first Ironman in Louisville, Kentucky.  During the bike ride, when we had ample time to kill, we went to the place where the Louisville Slugger bats are made:  Hillerich & Bradsby Company.  It was neat to see how the bats are made and […]