Photo(s) of the Week – Going down the Nile in a Felucca

Many moons ago I went to Egypt for the first time, deciding -on a whim- to join several co-workers who had planned to go for 7-10 days with no plans other than a plane ticket.  Among the many things we did, we hired a felucca to take us around for 24 hrs from Aswan to a point downriver where we would catch a caravan towards Luxor.

One of the neat things about this approach was the ability to get away from the crowds, the noise, the everyday (for us!) and get a little closer to the Nile and its surroundings.

Captain Bob, our felucca captain, and his assistant cooked for us on the felucca and we slept pretty much under the stars (it got cold!!!).  Though they brought bottled water for cooking, the cleaning of utensils and pots happened with river water with the associated impact to my stomach the next morning.

But, you know what?  I’d go through it again just to get to experience the Nile like this for the first time.  Now, I would NOT suffer that again for a second time.  The second time, I will be more picky with my source of food but I highly recommend doing the felucca ride for 24 hours.  Just peaceful!!!

In the end, it was about getting to awesome Luxor.  Though the caravan was required due to safety concerns in the area south of Luxor and it felt odd to us, we made it to the destination – Luxor has a lot to offer so don’t miss it!

Temple at Luxor

A younger version of yours truly in Luxor with my OWN private sphinx

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