2010 – a Holy Year on the Camino de Santiago!

2010 is a Holy Year (aka Jubilee year) on the Camino de Santiago… so, if you are looking for an interesting and unique travel experience, why not walk 500 miles across Northern Spain…on an ancient pilgrimage route…and if you do it in 2010, you’ll probably be joining 200,000 or more other people!!

In 2010, the feast day for St. James (the patron saint of Spain and the name sake of the Camino de Santiago) falls on a Sunday – a fact that always draws larger crowds to the trail.

Now, if by chance you’re reading this post and thinking “what the heck is this guy talking about?” – no worries, just check out our other post on the Camino de Santiago.

If this is not enough, check out a web site I maintain that provides even more information on the Camino de Santiago (I also have links to You Tube Videos of the trip).


Buen Camino!


  1. In the early middle ages the 30 December was St James’ Feast day, based on the old Hispanic (Mozarabic) rite. In the 11th century King Alfonso VI abolished the Hispanic rite in favour of the Roman rite and July 25 became the principal feast day to commemorate the martyrdom of St. James. December 30 was incorporated into the present liturgical calendar as the Feast of the Translation of his relics. And, just to confuse matters more although we celebrate his Feast Day on 25th July using the Roman Rite calendar, it was formerly on the 5th August on the Tridentine Rite calendar.
    The plenary indulgence is given, not only in Holy Years, but also in ordinary years on Easter Sunday; 21st April (the anniversary of the consecration of the cathedral); and on St James’s three feast days. (25th July, 30 December and 23 May).

    • Thanks Sillydoll – wow, this is confusing indeed but thanks for sharing. Good to know there are so many opportunities to receive plenary indulgences :-).

      FYI – I recognize you from the Santiago discussion board and I am quite honored you posted something to our travel blog!

      Many thanks,


  1. […] long and steep flight of stairs, some portions of which lie on the Camino de Santiago (see my related post). After an arduous 10 minute trek, we arrived to the top of the stairs.  Off to the left hand […]

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