Pictures of the Week – Alta: Ski Heaven

Many moons ago I resumed skiing after a long hiatus.  Friends’ parents decided to invite me to their annual family ski trip AS A SURPRISE to my friends.  I arrived first in Salt Lake City and made my way to the awesome house at the foot of the Alta ski resort.  Their surprise was a great moment and I thank their parents for creating the opportunity.

But I loved re-kindling my enjoyment of skiing and no better resort than Alta since snowboarding was a no-no!  My friend’s brother worked at the resort and got us to go on one of the monster machines they use to groom the slopes at night for a beautiful sunset ride.  We brought wine and cheese as he drove us up – a thrill ride for sure given the size of the machine and the slopes.  But we were rewarded with the view below which I have played with a lot.  Check out the view and some of the results of my playing.  I would love to hear what you think!

The Magnificent View

Playing with B&W

My Favorite

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