From Atlanta to Krakow – Planes, Train, Bus and Automobile

img_80142I am in Krakow!  This blog post (and the next few) will be written during a trip.  Nice change for me and maybe for the readers??  Just arrived in Krakow yesterday late afternoon local time.


A flight

Flying to Warsaw via Amsterdam with KLM went without a hitch aside from the possessed kid on the transatlantic leg. More than the screaming child, the screaming mother was the worse part. Where is flying Super Nanny when you need her?

Schiphol, as usual, a great airport to connect through. At Warsaw, much to our chagrin, passport control was closed (yep, I am a sucker for that passport stamp).  I guess they are not concerned with who is coming (just keep coming?).

A bus ride

The Warsaw airport was quite small and very easy. The information desk was very helpful and pointed us to take a bus to the Warsaw Central train station instead of taxi (bus nbr 175; bought the 2.8 zloty single pass at the ever-present Relay shop).  Outside of baggage claim, there was an ATM (why are these machines always tucked a way at the far end of the arrivals building in many European airports?) and money problem solved.

A train ride

In about 20 mins (a Saturday morning), we were at the station.  It is a maze of alleys and shops and not quite like the train stations I am used to in Paris, Madrid or London.  The ticket windows are not in one central area but there are numerous small kiosks called “Kasa” (cashier, I suppose) around. We walked past a couple before being comfortable that was where we needed to go.  The lady did not speak English but between a printout I had of the schedule and my phrases for asking about price, etc., the transaction was done!

Then to grab lunch where, again, the person didn’t speak English.  Between my broken Polish and hand signals, it was all good.  We decided we were too tired and splurged for a first class ticket on the train.  What sold us on the idea was how cheap it was: $40.  The ride was smooth and uneventful.  Two other folks shared our compartment and they didn’t say much until they left the train when they told us goodbye in English.

An automobile ride

Once in Krakow, though we weren’t far from the apartment, we were exhausted from lugging ourselves and our luggage around and chose to cab it.  It also saved us from figuring out directions at dusk, etc.

Our host’s friend met us and gave us great advice for local things.  He actually spoke almost perfect Spanish and pretty good English.  Impressive.

Next time, I will write about the food (so far) and the initial impressions of the town and the Salt Mines at Wielickza.


  1. Happy to hear that you both made it safe. It is always nice and a relieve to know that you are doing fine and enjoying your trip.

    Un beso

  2. ¡Que disfrutes mucho de este viaje a Polonia!

  3. Alicia Andraca says:

    Hi Raul,
    how many cities are you planning to visit? First time visiting a blog; lots to learn. I am VERY CURIOUS about your commentaries on food. What about cristal? Art galleries? It’s probably too cold for open air markets to see what local artists favor. Have fun !

    • Actually, while it is cold, there are vendors around. I will be writing more about the food in a new entry. But let me tell you, food is awesome here. A Cuban would love all the pork served in restaurants! As far as arts and crafts, not sure but amber is big here. Will write more on random topics in the next day or two!

  4. Kristi Weaver says:

    I think KLM may plant that screaming child…I’ve had the same experience the past two times on the ATL-AMS leg!! You are missing the blizzard of ’09 in Atlanta. Luckily my flight from SFO made it back safely last night…I was the last flight out. Hope you are having a blast in Poland! Look forward to seeing pictures.


  6. I’m so happy for you. Through your eyes we all travel and see the world. Thanks in the name of the ones who haven’t have that wonderful opportunity. May God Bless you and keep us in touch with the rest of your journey.

    All my love always,


  7. Have fun. Send Photos.

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