Picture of the Week – Awesome People Facing Sunset in Copenhagen

You cannot tell this sunset is happening in Copenhagen.  But it is.  This is from our hotel (the Marriott, an awesome property in the chain!) facing the Tivoli Gardens on a beautiful mid-June sunset.

And these two are some of the most important special people in the world to me:  my nephew and my niece.  No amount of money, of travel experiences, or anything tops having these two.  I love this picture and I think will treasure it more as the years go by…

Sunset over two people

(Picture taken with Canon EOS Rebel T1I)


  1. This is an awesome photo and even more so because of the people in it.

    • 🙂 They have grown too fast but they are turning out to be fascinating people! As I stood at the elevator lobby in the hotel, they were standing by the window looking towards the Tivoli park. I told them not to move and snapped it.

  2. Traveling Ted says:

    Very cool travel memory. One that we can all identify with as when you are traveling with the people most special to you that is when travel is magical.

  3. Francesca says:

    Wonderful photo and moving words. It’s all about family 🙂

  4. elatlboy says:

    Beautiful shot and great memories! 🙂

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