Following the Footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia in Jordan’s Wadi Rum

Well, I assume I did follow some of his/his camel’s footsteps in the Wadi Rum in my recent trip to Jordan.  My visit to the Wadi Rum was an amazing experience as I had never had been in such a landscape before.  In an earlier post, I shared how I found color everywhere I went in Jordan.  It is now time to focus on one of the places I explored during my trip.

The visit began at the well-set-up Visitor Center which has great information, a surprisingly good restaurant and an excellent view of the rock/mountain Lawrence himself called the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, a reference from the Book of Proverbs.

Wadi Rum visitor center Seven Pillars Wisdom

Entering the Visitor Center, one immediately is rewarded by a view of the Seven Pillars!

T.E. Lawrence, his real name, became involved in the Arab Revolt in the late 1910s when the Arab peoples were revolting against the Ottoman Empire.  Lawrence fell in love with the Wadi Rum area and now I can understand why.  I hope sharing this adventure will also do the same for you and that you get inspired to see it in person some day!

Spending the afternoon exploring the Wadi Rum desert

We left the Visitor Center to find the vehicles that would take the group to explore the Wadi Rum well into the evening, prior to arriving at the Captain’s Camp where we would spend the night (and I will write about this in another post coming up soon).

Transportation Wadi Rum desert Jordan

Off we went in these pick up truck -type vehicles!

Soon we got deep in the incredible mountains/rocks formations characteristic of the Wadi Rum as well as have fun running up dunes and actually witnessing a rare rainstorm in the area (mercifully not over us!)

Sand dune in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan outdoors adventure exploring travel

Sand dune soon to be “hit” by us visitors!

Typical vista or panorama of Wadi Rum desert in Jordan outdoors adventure

Note the Bedouin camp

Iconic landscape Wadi Rum rock formations, desert in Jordan outdoors nature adventure Canon EOS Rebel

Typical / iconic landscape the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan is known for

Amazing rock formations and colors in the Wadi Rum desert Jordan nature adventure outdoors Lawrence

Amazing rock formations and colors in the Wadi Rum!

Barrah Siq Wadi Rum Jordan Lawrence Arabia Bedouin history revolt desert outdoors nature adventure

Barrah Siq where the large rock in the bottom has a carving of Lawrence of Arabia; alongside a Bedouin camp

carving Lawrence of Arabia's face in Barrah Siq Wadi Rum Jordan desert outdoors Olympus

Close-up of the carving of Lawrence of Arabia’s face in Barrah Siq

Canyon siq "wadi rum" desert jordan camel sand travel photo outdoors adventure Olympus

This photo offers a better sense of the scale of the place


Rain storm Wadi Rum desert Jordan outdoors unusual travel nature adventure Olympus

The rare rainstorm in the distance – even lightning!

And then dusk began in the desert!

I thought we’d be done exploring as soon as it started getting dark and, while that was close to reality, we still got to enjoy dusk driving around – which made me appreciate the Wadi Rum in a different light, so to speak.

Dusk sunset "Wadi Rum" desert Jordan sky outdoors nature  Olympustravel

Sunset begins…

The magical sky at sunset "Wadi Rum" desert Jordan travel outdoors Olympus photo

The magical sky at sunset

Sunset "Wadi Rum" desert Jordan sky cloud light outdoors nature adventure travel photo Olympus

The clouds played nicely in the sunset scene

"Wadi Rum" sunset night light desert Jordan travel photo

The ride is getting closer to ending as the lights come on. Still a beautiful backdrop!

And the method of exploring changes the next morning!

Camel "Wadi Rum" desert Jordan exploration outdoors adventure wild photo travel

Our ride the next morning: Wadi Rum camels!

Riding camels "Wadi Rum" desert Jordan outdoors adventure travel photo

Riding camels! Yours truly in the blue shirt (via J. Festa – thanks!)

And to finish this, a shot taken by a fellow traveler about ilivetotravel in action!

Photographer ilivetotravel "Wadi Rum" Jordan travel adventure outdoors photo

Notice the tarp covering the back of our pick-up truck. And me so focused… (again, thanks J. Festa!)


During this trip, I was a guest of the Jordan Tourism Board.  That notwithstanding, the stories I share were my real experiences and nothing else.  As they always are!



  1. Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures. Was the camel ride comfortable? Like riding a horse? How fast do they go?

    • @Luly, it was sort of uncomfortable to be honest. For me, it was the handle on the back of the saddle that you have available to hold on to – it kept hitting my lower back! But I am sure, like many things, it is about getting used to good posture. They can gallop and it was both scary and fun when they did – but only when controlled by the camel guide. Without the guide it would be scary because I wouldn’t know how to tell the camel to stop! Otherwise, they were just like walking. Great questions!

  2. How very different. Amazing rock formations! . Barrah Siq seems like a huge protective wall, quite impressive. I imagine being surrounded by these humungous rocks would make you feel quite insignificant. The galloping camels must have been quite an experience.

  3. Can’t wait to go back to that area of the world. We miss the sand desert, mountains and most of all the camales 🙂 Great post and lovely photos.
    2 Digital Nomads recently posted..The Galapagos Islands on a BudgetMy Profile

    • @2DigitalNomads, thanks for stopping by and the feedback! I also enjoy the Middle East and it was about time I returned!

  4. Matt Payne says:

    I love the laser focus on the last shot! Nice work Raul!!!

  5. Jealous…great shots. Looks awesome. The desert is a great place..always different.

  6. How bad was the camel riding? I ended up not doing it in Qatar!
    @mrsoaroundworld recently posted..My hOtel: Four Seasons Doha, Qatar @fsdohaMy Profile

    • It was not smooth but I enjoyed it. I do wish I had knew how to control the camel more (when I rode a mule, at least the guys taught me how to steer it, how to stop it, how to get it going – made me felt safer, more in control!). Some in the group enjoyed it, some did not like it at all!

  7. Amazing photos, Raul! I believe you caught the camels smiling, or it at least it looks that way. 🙂 Makes me want to plan a return trip to Jordan. On my previous visit, I only had time to visit Petra, but there is obviously so much else to see!

  8. Trisha says:

    Very impressive place — seems like a whole different world. Love all of your pictures! It does look like the camel is smiling — what a happy tour guide!

  9. Many people made comments about how the California canyons resembled Jordan. Now I can see why. I will have to watch Lawrence of Arabia next time I have ten hours to spare and enjoy the scenery.
    Traveling Ted recently posted..A Red River Gorge zipline tour adventureMy Profile

  10. I love going to places that are totally other worldly from Atlanta – looks like you totally found that in Jordan. I’m thinking I have to see that Lawrence of Arabia carving for myself.

  11. You are not helping my mini obsession for Jordan! Love the photos – I can see that it was such an amazing experience! Top of the bucket list for sure!
    Anita Mac recently posted..Gear Review: The HoboRoll by Gobi GearMy Profile

  12. camels are so doofy and cute, but they’re REAL assholes when you try and board one. most awkward experience of my life.

    obsessed with these photos!
    the lazy travelers recently spotter: marina bay sands hotel, singaporeMy Profile

  13. The photos and posts from your trip have all been amazing. Dusk in the desert is particularly beautiful. You’re adding to my places to consider on my next trips!
    Ashley recently posted..Identity BreakMy Profile

  14. LOVE the carving of Lawrence of Arabia & the photo of you!! seems like such an amazing trip!
    lola recently posted..going local in Costa Brava – SpainMy Profile

  15. Awesome! Looks like you had a blast in Jordan. Aren’t camels so fun to ride? Getting on and off is always such an awkward experience!

  16. More beautiful Jordan photos, Raul. Not that I’m surprised. Jordan has been on my list of places to visit for some time now, mostly due to scenes like this. What a spectacular journey!
    Erin at The World Wanderer recently posted..Music Monday: Make it Rain.My Profile

  17. Did it rain on you? I guess I’d see photos if it did… I think Wadi Rum is moving up on the list… thanks for sharing.
    stay adventurous, Craig
    Craig Zabransky recently posted..Wide Awake Thanks to the Northern LightsMy Profile

    • @Craig, it rained but it was in the distance. We even saw a couple of lightning bolts. Yes, you would have seen pictures had it rained… in National Geographic! 🙂

  18. Thanks for sharing! definitely worth the trip.

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