Up Close with Dali in St. Petersburg

Salvador Dali, one of the most interesting painters of the 20th century was, let’s say, a tad eccentric – but a genius nevertheless.  The new Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL does a great job of presenting of how Salvador Dali evolved his style in a way that a layperson like me can grasp and enjoy.  Guided tour and/or audio guide are included in the price of the ticket which makes it an easy decision – and makes the experience and appreciation VASTLY more meaningful.  I left with a better understanding of Dali, his motivators, and his evolution.

Here are some pix of the museum and its grounds (but none of the art!).

Car at the Dali Museum

The cars at the entrance of the museum (not sure the purpose)

A beautiful day in St. Petersburg, Florida

The entrance to the museum on a beautiful day

Internal architecture elements at the Dali Museum - the spiral staircase

The top of the spiral staircase which reminded me of the tip of Dali’s mustache

Glass ceiling at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg - neat architecture

Looking towards the staircase and the ceiling on the 3rd floor

Glass ceiling at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg - neat architect

The glass ceiling

Outdoor Dali mustache at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg

Trying out Dali’s mustache

Grounds of the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

The back of the museum

Serranita sandwich

This serranita sandwich at the museum cafe was good but those olives were really outstanding!!

Wish tree at the Dali Museum - great way to discard of wrist tags

Entry wrist tags at the wish tree – clever idea to avoid trash around the parking lot!



  1. Francesca says:

    I’m digging the architecture… definitely looks like an interesting place!

  2. THat is probably one of the coolest looking museums I have ever seen. And I really want those olives off that sandwich!

  3. This is one I will never forgive myself.. actually having been to Tampa-St Petersburg and not being there…

  4. Traveling Ted says:

    I love the Dali mustache. The sandwich looks pretty cool too. Is the sandwich picture a stab at art? Are those olives situated in just that way mean something?

    • That depends, Ted. Did it work? 😉 Actually, no, the space you see is where the other half of the sandwich (at that moment sitting in my stomach) was… The things I do for art.

  5. That staircase is great! The 3rd picture reminds me of being under the glass pyramid at the Louvre.

  6. Right in my backyard Raul! Great stuff….

  7. obsessed with the sculpture of dali’s mustache.


  1. […] probably imagine yourself in Barcelona. Think again! Florida has it’s own, brand spanking new Salvador Dali Museum in St Petersburg. Admission is a little pricey – $21 for adults, $7 for kids 6-12, under 5s free, but it does […]

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