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I am in the midst of transcribing the rest of my Perú trip narratives and yet I am knee deep researching for my next trip…  How do these narratives begin to backlog?  That is how!  Maybe I should just plan a month off and catch up on all the trips from the past I want to share here??

My next trip will be to South Africa, mostly for work but I expect some opportunity to take a good peek at some key places.  Almost like a “research trip” for a future vacation?

There are so many places to go to and so little time and money.  Well, the money part is perhaps not as bad as I do believe that if one looks hard enough, one can find good places and good deals that do not make every trip a major expenditure.  Anyhow, among the places I want to head to are those where I know people who are in ex-pat situations.  I enjoy my trips best when there is a “local” who will know the real ins and outs and when I can also take advantage of the vacation time to get to spend time with friends I normally don’t get to see.  In that category fall South Korea and Australia…  I think I have another friend still in Bulgaria, but have to double-check.

Also in my list of “I want to see soon on vacation” are Iceland, Portugal and New Zealand.

How to really pin down the next destination?  I guess partly it is a matter of cost, who else may be interested in the trip, and if my ex-pat friends are available when I can take time off.

Alright, these were just random thoughts about vacation.  I think I need one is what it is…


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