Getting to High Places in Sydney – The Harbor Bridge

Alright, so I didn’t really rough it or suffered, but I did climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge today (134m from the top to the water). A pricey outing, but well worth it if you can part with the money!

10 years ago, this landmark bridge was opened to visitors who wanted to climb it.  The RTA (local agency that manages many things including the bridge) apparently was very reluctant to allow this venture to be carried out but local businessmen addressed all the obstacles raised (e.g., where would people walk, how would you keep things from falling onto cars below, etc.) and launched this unique experience for those inclined to go up and get good views of this beautiful harbor and city.

They prep you well including a mock climb indoors.  You also need to leave in a locker most everything you have on you:  watch, wallet, items in your pocket, jackets, hairpins, etc.  It is imperative nothing falls out from you.  Sunglasses are allowed and they provide you a thingie that pins them to your suit.  Oh yes, you just don’t go dressed as you are.  They give you a jumpsuit you are to wear over your clothing that zips up completely.  As far as caps, gloves or cold-weather headgear, they provide them to you and they also hook up to your suit.  You may ask, “what if I need to blow my nose?”   I am glad you ask:  you can’t bring your little baggie of tissue either.  They issue you a handkerchief that, you guessed it, hooks up to the sleeve of your very sexy (not!) jumpsuit.  Cameras are also not allowed but they will take your picture (and your money) at a few spots along the route – but the pix are worth the money.

All dressed up and making my way up!

The climb, I found, was not terribly difficult but there are plenty of warnings for people with health issues, etc.  I personally think you do not have to be in the best of shapes to do the climb but if you feel you are really out of shape, perhaps do a couple of days of walking around the city to get yourself stretched before the climb.

The views from up there are just magnificent.  You could also go up the telecom tower (I forget its name) which is taller but you don’t get the same angle to view all of the harbor as you get from the top of the bridge. It was definitely weird looking down at 6 lanes of traffic plus extra lanes for buses, cycles and pedestrians!

The climb really drives home the beauty of this natural harbor and the impressive city that has grown up around it.  For that reason, I highly recommend it!

Atop with the incredible Opera House behind me!

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