Camping and Dining under the Stars in the Wadi Rum

I wrote earlier about exploring the Wadi Rum and how much fun it was to ride around in the back of a pickup truck and admire the magnificence of the landscape of this unique desert.  What made that day even better was how it ended that evening.

We stayed at a Captain’s Desert Camp camp, I am not really sure where in the Wadi Rum, somewhere surrounded by the giant rock formations typical of the Wadi Rum, if that helps any…  The camp was mostly candle-lit at night and the night consisted of enjoying our dinner outdoors, listening to Bedouin music, some dancing, and a lot of star-gazing up above.  It was a wonderful experience.

The tents were spacious and just had the beds – nothing fancy.  The camp had bathroom and shower facilities that, though basic, were not too basic (says he who went a week without showering going up Kilimanjaro…).

In any case, it was the evening activities under the stars that made the night so memorable for me.  The night started with music and Bedouin bread-(“shrak“) making.

We got to sample the shrak right then as the food was still cooking…  In the meantime, we enjoyed listening to local music and shisha (hookah) pipes were also brought out for folks to enjoy.

Bedouin music guitar desert camp "Wadi Rum" Jordan Canon EOS Rebel

Bedouin music players (see short video below for a 20sec sample of the music)

Shisha hookah pipe Bedouin "wadi rum" jordan desert Canon EOS Rebel

One of the locals enjoying the shisha pipe

Then it came time to get the food out:  the meats and vegetables were cooked covered up and underground.

Bedouin "Wadi Rum" Jodan food cooking underground oven Canon EOS Rebel

1.  Beginning to uncover the underground “oven”

Bedouin food cooking Jordan "Wadi Rum" underground oven

2.  All the coverings removed, there is the hole…

Bedouin food Jordan "Wadi Rum" meats vegetables

3.  The goods being pulled out

Bedouin food chicken eggplant potato "Wadi Rum" Jordan desert camp

4.  The final delicious product: chicken, potatoes, eggplant, etc. – mmm!!!

"Wadi Rum" desert captain camp dining area food adventure outdoors Jordan

The seating area for dinner – comfy!

No pictures of dinner itself as this traveler was starving and eating -not my blogging- became the focus.  My apologies 🙂

I close with a picture from the next morning of the comfy area (with its great backdrop) where we had listened to the music by the campfire and had enjoyed our dinner under stars in the amazing Wadi Rum – an experience not to be missed during a trip to Jordan!

Bedouin desert camp captain Jordan "Wadi Rum" divan Olympus

The dining area turned sleeping area for outdoor lovers



  1. Is that a soccer ball in the background? What is a hookah pipe? What an amazing experience! Food looks delicious.

    • Good eye, Kitty! Yes, that is a soccer ball. The hookak pipe burns tobacco, usually fruit-flavored. The bottom is a glass “vase” and the burning coal goes at the very top near the tobacco. Don’t ask me how it happens to work but when the person inhales (like when people smoke a cigarette), the water bubbles pulling air in from the outside and that air goes up through the tobacco through the long curvy pipe to the smoker’s mouth. I have tried them before but not on this trip as I had a cold!

  2. That really looks amazing. I didn’t expect the food to look so good, being buried like that. Did it taste okay? Did their way of cooking it make a difference on the taste? By the way, I would love to stay in that camp on a full moon night!
    Freya recently posted..Inca Trail Day 2 – Dead Woman’s PassMy Profile

    • @Freya, the hole seemed to be lined with a metal sheet which may help with the cooking so no odd flavors at all. It was almost like grilling the food in my opinion. Thanks for the questions!

  3. Wow – it sounds out of this world amazing! I can only imagine how magic it was to sit out there, under the stars! Brilliant. Don’t blame you for gobbling up the food – bet it tasted divine too!
    Anita Mac recently posted..Monday Morning Series: North Bay SunsetMy Profile

  4. Live music, buried food, and sleeping in a desert? Yes please! Wadi Rum is unlike any place I’ve ever been to before, and I can’t wait until I can see it someday. Awesome!
    Heather recently posted..How to Cook Without EnglishMy Profile

  5. Sleeping in the desert is definitely on my bucket list – what an amazing experience Raul, you’re one fortunate guy!
    Fiona recently posted..Britain’s Original Rock and Roll Isle: Eel Pie IslandMy Profile

  6. After seeing you attack the Chicago pizza, I know how you get when you are ready to eat, so I understand the lack of dinner pictures. Can’t beat a night in the desert listening to music, talking, and eating. Looks amazing!
    Traveling Ted recently posted..A Joshua Tree National Park roadside adventureMy Profile

  7. This was such a great night! I didn’t even mind that I slept in a tent and took a cold shower. I’m so happy to have shared it with you.
    Leah Travels recently posted..Hello, Dalí: Visiting Salvador’s Spanish HomeMy Profile

  8. This sounds like a great way to spend an evening!
    @mrsoaroundworld recently posted..A lovely weekend in Lyon, FranceMy Profile

  9. The food looked great! Though I prefer my luxe stays, this seems like it was an incredible experience!

  10. Andreas says:

    I have heard about the underground ovens in many parts of the world. This one is an interesting variation.

  11. Beautiful eat in Wadi Rum

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